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96 American Paint Horse Association clubs in the world, 2 clubs chosen for APHA Gold Star Status in 2018…
Kansas Paint Horse Association was recognized in 2018 at the APHA National Convention as of 1 of those elite clubs!
Congratulations to our KPHA membership! Your welcoming attitude, willingness to work hard and knowledge base have made KPHA an organization horse enthusiasts want to become involved in. KPHA is much more than a breed club as we work to strengthen the equine community.
Our Association offers opportunities in the show arena and in the performance pen to Paint and All Breed owners/exhibitors; ignites leadership interests; provides scholarships to youth; share current news affecting the equine industry; and foster strong friendships and equine fellowships.
Share our club news with your friends. Contact Sheri Grinstead, or another KPHA officer listed on our website at for membership information.

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SITE UPDATED 08/15/2021

Weekend show bills can be seen on the “KPHA Show” tab.”

See show date changes for 2021.
To be eligible for a Kansas Paint Horse Association Year-End award, an exhibitor/horse must show to over one-half of the year’s available judges for that class to count towards a class year-end award.  This stipulation applies to each class year-end award. More details appear in the  KPHA Year End Award Rules and Requirements/Reviewed & Approved January 2021


Kansas Paint Horse Association
The Kansas Paint Horse Association was formed to promote the Paint Horse Industry in the state of Kansas.  The organization hosts breed shows.
KPHA shall at all times be operated and conducted as a non-profit organization in accordance with the laws of the State of Kansas providing for such organizations and by which it shall acquire all such rights as granted to organizations of this kind. The purpose of this Association shall be to promote and stimulate interest in the Paint Horse by encouraging Paint breeding for conformation, ability, and color; by promoting interest in the Paint as a breed; by sponsoring and/or encouraging all activities of the same nature in every way possible. To promote good horsemanship and good sportsmanship.
KPHA shall cover the area of the state of Kansas, but its members may be residents of any state, territory, or country. The principal place of business shall be the address of the current duly appointed secretary; but business may be carried out at any place convenient to such members or officers as may be participating.



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