2021 B.O.D.

Nancy Zenger-Beneda

Board member

Shannon Maxwell
First Vice President
Board member 

Carole Lagase

Second Vice President
Board member

Jacque Gallentine
Board member

Sherri Grinstead
Secretary and Immediate Past President
Board member


KPHA Junior Club 

Darcy Tweady & Shannon Maxwell

Amateur Club Coordinator

Celsey Beneda-Crabtree

2021 APHA Zone 3 
Committee Members:


Celsey Beneda-Crabtree

Shannon Maxwell

Carole Lagasse

Sheri Grinstead

APHA Zone 3 States consist of Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming

KPHA Members serving as 
APHA National Directors:

Casey West, APHA Executive Committee, APHA Past President
Sheri Grinstead, APHA State Director, APHA Equestrian Experience Committee Vice Chair/Member and Racing Committee, PRRIP Sub-Committee
Stacie Lundquist, APHA State Director, APHA Rules Committee Member
Diane Gage, APHA State Director -Alternate, APHA General Show and Contest Committee Member
Jenna olson, APHA State Director -assigned to one year term, APHA Amateur Committee Member
Carly Rothfuss, AjPHA National Director
Avery Maxwell, 
AjPHA National Director
Reese Byers, AjPHA National Director
Colton West, AjPHA National Director


2021 KPHA Officers

KPHA President:
Nancy Zenger Beneda 


KPHA 1st Vice President: 
Shannon Maxwell 

KPHA Second Vice President: 
Carole Lagasse 
620 694-9271


KPHA Secretary: 
Sherry Grinstead 
620 921-5014


KPHA Treasurer: 
Casey West 
785 479-6817

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