KPHA Membership Info

Exhibitors mustust be KPHA members to qualify for show prizes and awards.

Your membership dollars contribute to an association which provides a forum to address equine industry questions and concerns.

You'll receive a club newsletter keeping you up to date with all the latest club news, show information, vendor offers and more! 

You are eligible to accrue points toward year-end awards*. This applies not only to our APHA classes but also to our All Breed Classes.

Yearly Membership Cost

  • Youth: $10.00 (sold only with corresponding adult membership)
  • Adult: $30.00 Husband/Wife: $40.00
  • Ranch/Corporation: $40.00 (includes two adult memberships) 

Membership runs on a Calendar year from January 1 - December 31st." 

You will find the membership form in the PDF file below.  You can download and print the file.

Once completed, please make your check payable to KPHA and mail to:

Sheri Grinstead
3010 East 56th Avenue - Hutchinson, KS 
(620) 921-5014

KPHA Membership Form

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