October 12, 2019, Hutchinson, KS
Judges: Casey Orr and Dolly Chayer



October 13, 2019, Hutchinson, KS
Judges: Jodi Finkenbinder and Sherry Haynes




October shows are NPHC and KPHA dual year-end pointed events.



NEW THIS YEAR--- KPHA will include NSBA classes at every show:   A full slate of NSBA classes are scheduled in 2019.   One NSBA judge will work the show pen each day.   NSBA classes offered will similar to those listed on the October 2018 show bill. Fees will be $ 10 per class, not included in the flat fee.   Owner and Exhibitor must be NSBA members. Memberships can be purchased at the show.

  • All 2019 shows will begin at 9:00 a.m.
  • Increases were seen with the Kansas State Fair facility rental. To offset costs---
    • Stall fees will increase to $ 60 per weekend or $ 40 per day.
    • Jump-out fee will increase to $ 40 per day.
    • Flat fee Entry charges will remain the same, however, may be shown as cost per judge rather than cost per day.
  • Early arrival/lay over fees will be removed from the show bill. The show bill will read “Contact the Kansas State Fair Office at 620 669-3600 for assistance”.
  • Action was taken to add All-Breed Youth (8&under) Walk/Whoa Western Pleasure and Walk/Whoa (8&U) Horsemanship, and Leadline Showmanship. A $ 5/class fee or $ 15/day flat fee will be charged for Walk/Whoa WP, Walk/Whoa HMS, Leadline SMS AND the traditional APHA Leadline class.    
  • All APHA Reining classes were removed from the show bill.  
  • Ranch Reining classes for All-Breed; APHA Open, AM and Youth were added to the show bill.
  • Ranch Rail classes for All-Breed; APHA Open, AM and Youth will be added to the show bill.
  • Kansas Paint Horse Association obtained APHA approval to schedule all 2019 weekend Trail and Ranch Classes to be carried out after the first set of judges complete Western Riding classes.   Upon conclusion of Western Riding, we will run back to back trail classes beginning with AM Yearling In Hand Trail and ending with Open Trail.
  • The road map is to then initiate all Ranch Reining, Ranch Rail, Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding and Ranch Pleasure classes under both sets of judges. (Note: Classes will be held with the exhibitor performing one pattern-one run but having the opportunity to receive scores from two sets of judges in attendance or 4 judges total).
  • *For all Trail and Ranch Classes, exhibitors will have the option and discretion to show under both sets of judges or one set.
  • Barrels and Poles will be run on Saturday AND Sunday. Each go may be made to 1 judge as authorized by the APHA Rule Book

Our 2019 October Show again will hold a number of Futurity classes. Anticipated offerings include:  

  • Yearling Longe Line---held just prior to APHA class
  • Weanling Colt Halter—held just prior to the APHA class
  • Weanling Filly Halter---held just prior to APHA class
  • 2-year-old Western Pleasure
  • Junior Western Pleasure
  • Non-Pro Western Pleasure
  • Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle

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